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Consolidating Debt Will Ease Pain. Debt Consolidating Works.

Consolidating debt is a way to get a boost of cash to tie you over. However, a debt loan is no substitute for long-term financial planning. Learn how to make a budget that helps you build an emergency cash fund.


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About Our Consolidating Program.

We Have Helped 1000`s Save $100`s On Their Monthly Payments!

Our servicing agent, a non-profit consumer counseling agency works directly with your creditors to:

  • Drastically lower or even eliminate your interest rates.
  • Reduce your monthly payments as much as 50%.
  • Consolidating your monthly debts into one simple payment.
  • Significantly cut down the number of years it takes to pay off your debt.

FIRST: After reviewing your credit and budget information, your personal counselor will help you arrive at a repayment plan, which will include a consolidating debt loan program, a consolidating debt management program or both.

SECOND: You will decide on the date you will be making your first payment. From then on, you will have only one date to remember instead of multiple payment deadlines.

THIRD: Should you then decide to enroll in our consolidating debt management program, your counselor will negotiate with creditors to have your monthly payments and interest rates reduced. You will have a personal account specialist to assist you with any problems or question that may arise.